Serial Killers Are Sexy – Mr. Jeffrey Dahmer

God serial killers are sexy. 


  1. He killed 14 teenage boys
  2. He drilled holes in their heads while they were alive and poured acid into them to make them zombies
  3. He ate the dead
  4. He made a big mess and had bodies all over the place and kept heads in the freezer               Dahmer
  5. He’s 6 feet tall, blond, scruffy & adorable!

Here are some great pics!


Dahmer Face
Dahmer Mugshot
Someone had a bad day!
Dahmer Mug 2
                                       OMG CUTE HIPSTER

166 Responses to “Serial Killers Are Sexy – Mr. Jeffrey Dahmer”

  1. سليمانsss Says:

  2. Squince Says:

    This fag is so sick in the mother fucking head he will rot in hell for ever and ever there is no reason for all of those boys deaths>

  3. next Says:

    we need to know who is behind this
    website. maybe u are too scared to face
    ur destiny. perhaps u have a little dahmer
    in you

  4. Cali Says:

    I think somebody has been fucking u in the
    ass too hard. u fucking homo. maybe u need
    start going to church.

    • Raven13 Says:


      • Johnny2tone Says:

        Do you Research at all Raven13? Not every church or Christian does it right, in fact, many have miss guided others, with good intention, but unbiblical means. Here’s whats funny about the post above. Dahmer excepted the Lord in 1994, and was baptized then. Having Murdered doesnt exempt him from that personal relationship. As long as his exceptence was genuine and honest… It’s safe to say that Christianity saved his life, Like it did the Son of Sam… The bible is misinterpreted, and Christianity is truly not just a book of rules or a method of moral behaviors that is meticulously followed… but a relationship that Jeffery Dahmer has fully excepted and believes. I do see how you would find Dahmer, based souly on looks, and not on acheivement, attractive, but I think you were probably a little hungry for attention when you posted this, and looking to rustle some feathers… mission accomplished

      • Johnny2tone Says:

        actually, i don’t know who posted this Im assuming it was Raven13.. if thats not the case, I apologize and challenge that whoever did write this blog did so looking to rustle feathers and beg menacingly for attention

    • jake Says:

      u want me to go to church, ok i’ll go but don’t blame me when i blow my load and drown all the praying suckers!!!!!!!! lol

  5. Cali Says:

    u need to realize wat ur saying.
    would u like for someone to kill one of ur
    loved ones and for some one
    to consider him sexy?

    • jake Says:

      yep i would like that but whoever it was would have to be hot like jeff, if they were ugly i would feel kinda cheated lol

  6. mikey b Says:

    your so sick its unreal dahmer is so fucking sick and so fucking ugly

    • Raven13 Says:


  7. big nuts Says:

    ive killed more people then dahmer has

    • lady_pyra_jayne Says:

      ok that’s a scary thought…i seriously hope you’re joking, and even so, that’s not a good joke… no one is laughing…but you.

  8. Rebel_lemming Says:

    Wow that was gruesome. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and interpretations of situations. The world is full of people with different tastes and desires, and isn’t it great that we can all co-exist. I must say that the part about hurting children is repulsive, but I would like to think that the person who wrote this is really just trying to get attention.

  9. Joseph the Condemner Says:

    Good man that Dahmer. You left out the fact that he kept the dead for weeks and had sex with them. I think that’s the best part about killing, the sex that is.

    It’s people like us that see the lighter side of killing. And it’s people like them (i’m talking about the assholes leaving ugly comments about my good ole friend Dahmer) that we prey on.

    • lumbihlush Says:

      Everyone who is seriously agreeing that he is sexy or even trying to justify his killings are people who have a serious psychiatric problem. This is the most disgusting website i have came across in my whole life. Dear God, please forgive the crazy people who write these disturbing comments. They know not what the do. Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves. How can you take the life of a person you did bring into the world? The person who can take a life is the Lord,God. What is society coming to? People are making repulsive websites praising a man who has done such unspeakable acts of slaying innocence human beings?! When the Judgment Day comes, all of those people are going to incinerate in the inferno that is known as hell. Then and alone then will i truly feel bad for you. Shame on you people. I spit in your faces

      • D Says:

        i thought them motherfuccers were playing
        woowww i agree with u so much it is truly the end we r n the last days

      • Raven13 Says:


      • ithinknotbitch Says:

        Dearest Lumbihlush(or whatever the hell your name is),

        The ONLY reason I came across this website was because I googled “sexiest serial killers”. So I’m wondering how the hell did YOU, some southerner (hence the ya’ll) who probably bathes in holy water and never wears the color red (Carrie), ever find this site? Not only that, but why would you CLICK on it?! Some people are gorgeous. Some people are curious. Some people like to take lives. Most people like to practice necrophilia. 😉 Now back the fuck off and go read a Bible.

    • Micheal Says:

      Dude. what the hell do you mean that killing has a lighter side. There’s nothing good about it. AT ALL.

      • Micheal Says:

        You know. There is a part in the bible that says we shouldn’t judge people because when the time of judgement does come. Those whe have judged people shall be judge in the way they do. God loves everyone. Even people who kill. All we said Is that he’s cute. So what. It’s not disgusting. What he did, ya that was horrible.

  10. John Says:

    i love jeffrey dahmer i fantasize about him killing me all day

    • Implex Says:

      You are an idiot …… hope that you are not smoking some shit or drinking or something dude …. because if you do ….. you will end up really fucked up one day 😐 …. watch out, remember my words …..

    • Micheal Says:

      You need to run to a priest. That is nasty and I’ll pray for your soul to not be surounded by the devil.

  11. Crystal Says:

    I was looking up jeffrey dahmer for a new project in my criminal justice class and I come across this sick website. There are so many sick fucks in this world, to whoever created this website and to john and joeseph, you truly deserve to be locked up forever and rot in hell. Your the reason why this world is so screwed up. Fuck you

    • D Says:

      thats right crystal
      fuc all u guyz fuucnnn pervs
      let these dum fuccs literally b in that apt i bet theyd begggggggg
      god to somehow escape like that asian guy lol

      i am blown away by this site it cant b real i have a 3 yr old this is scary dude the anger i feel for u perverts i have to pray on it
      i wanna kill u!!!!!
      i know i sound hypocritical but crystal i appreciate u tellin these DEMONS

      • ithinknotbitch Says:

        Uh, D, can you learn how to spell, please? It would make it so much more enjoyable for the rest of us…but mostly easier to laugh at you.

        Toodaloo! See you in hell :]

  12. sam Says:

    what the hell is this? like are you serious?
    this is absolutely disgusting and i can’t belive someone would actually do this, the guy was a serial killer, how would you feel if somene you loved was a victim and you stumbled upon this site?

  13. mikka Says:

    i think basically everyone needs to get over it. this guys probably just trying to piss everyone off, and apparently he’s doing a good job. if you don’t like it, then don’t leave a comment. it probably just encourages him. and as for the person who wrote this site, mr ‘mefuckme’, gotta admire u for having the balls to put up something like this. keep fighting the good fight!


  14. WTF Says:

    What the fuck, who ever made this website need to get the shit beaten out of them, and that goes to the people who said they like dahmer. Saying there friends with him you fucking homo. One day karma will bite you in the ass you motherfucker.

    • ithinknotbitch Says:

      Hahahah, i dont really think Karma takes vengeance on private thoughts, words, or hypothetical actions…but, whatever you say. :]

  15. Nomi Potten Says:

    Yes, you’re very interesting and ironic: Jeffrey Dahmer is adorable isnt he. Of course if the ideas expressed above are well thought out and sincere, this person is disturbed, but if not, they just want attention. This person is not stupid, and probably not evil. Even if they are evil, ” you fucking need to go to church” is not exactly the moral high-ground. What mefuckme appears to have done is to set bait for all of you hypocrites who would like to criticize the morals of others, but are really harboring a great deal of anger and hatred yourself. Mefuckme, this is not clever, it is distasteful and offensive, and if you don’t care–I assume you “don’t care what others think (seeing as how youre such a non-conformist)–then at least admit you knew how people would respond. For real, stop responding people. There are many people more disturbed in the world, and what makes them so dangerous is that they don’t telegraph their insanity (i.e. Dahmer). If youre really concernes and not just trying to soap-box, get out there and do something; really “fight the good fight” (fucking idiot) and make a real difference.
    Oh and Cali…go to church.

  16. jouhn Says:

    o my fuckin god!!!! you guys are fucken fags !!!! have fuckin fun in hell all u fucken queers!!!!!

    • Micheal Says:

      You be down there with everyone if you keep judging people. You’re not god. You have no power on saying g where everyone will end up. Those who judge others. When the time of judgement comes, god will judge them in the way they judge others.

  17. Gunslinger Says:

    Yeesh. I can’t believe there’s such a reaction about something so stupid. I’d have to agree with Nomi. I really don’t understand how others that have left comments can’t roll their eyes. Everyone takes things so seriously. If you truly think this site is ligit, then name calling doesn’t do a damn thing. If you don’t think it’s for real, then who cares? I stumble across forums like this and always have more to say about the reaction people have than the actual topic. The topic is always bullshit and it gets such a response. I can’t believe that. Hmmm, kinda repeating myself here, aren’t I? haha Anyway…
    I’m actually stunned that so many people take the bait. *rolls eyes.

  18. wtf Says:

    OMG you fucking fag that asshole deserves to rot in hell for all eternity for his fucking messed up crimes.

  19. dirtyd Says:

    he is fucking hot!
    but sick in the mother fucking head!!

    kinda kinky! lmao

  20. anonymous Says:

    you have to admit, dahmer was pretty cute 🙂

    also, successful troll

  21. God avenged Says:

    Why do you think there sexy?
    are you all really that sick of freaks

    When i murder you and your family and friends i will smile upon your decapited head
    and ask your decapited head that is still living for 15 secongds if you think im sexy
    but first i will kill your family and smile of your screaming agony and pain

    • ... Says:

      You spelled “there” wrong. You meant to say “they’re.”
      You spelled “seconds” with a g.

      • ...grammar Says:

        Right on!^
        Also, never begin a sentence with “and”, “smile of your screaming agony” is incorrect: “at” or “from” would suffice.
        Also, since when is it common knowledge that all freaks are sick? Lol. It’s news to me.
        Anywhoo, have a great life.
        Oh wait, hah, this is where your “i’m going to kill you and you’ll think i’m fucking sexy for it” fits in rather well.
        You read my mind. ;]

  22. uhm Says:

    real mature.
    get your head out of your ass
    you pig.

  23. Yosemite Sam Says:

    If people/women didn’t find serial killers ‘sexy’, then those sick fucks wouldn’t start getting marriage proposals from people they’ve never met once they wind up in prison.

  24. MR. sociopath Says:


  25. chaz Says:

    omg wordpress? bah, common software.

  26. ??????? Says:

    My uncle richard guerrero was killed by that evil man that you see as a hero.I come acrost many sites that praise dahmer but I have learned to forgive and for get as jesus did for us. May god save jeffrey lionel dahmer’s soul and may he rest in peace R.I.P tio we love u and miss you

    • ... Says:

      “for get” seriously? one word man.
      Jesus is capitalized. God is as well. Not a big deal I can see you’re being lazy with your typing. But you claim to be reverent…

      I don’t believe you, but incase I’m wrong: I’m sorry for your loss.

  27. Your Stalker Says:

    i wish he was still alive to kill me :(,
    that’d be so hot :O

    • lady_pyra_jayne Says:

      you are just as sick as he was. are you one of those fucking emo punks who think of a million and one different ways to off yourself?? you sick piece of shit! get a life!

  28. W>O>W Says:

    ????????? Im sorry about your uncle and can’t imagine it ever happen to a loved one of mines. Everyone else, I can’t believe how you’re taking this situation. Jeffrey Dahmer was a “sick in the head” serial killer. When is that ever something “sexy” to talk about. Me, I am highly religious and just at church yesterday, the Pastor preached about loving your enemies. After hearing that, I thought about people like Dahmer, Charles Manson Leopold and Lobe, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and how they carelessly took the innocent lives of someone’s son, daughter, uncle, aunt, mother, father…”How?”, I asked myself. “How do these families move on?” “How do we love these enemies?” Well, I found out that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We all want that forgiveness if we do something wrong. Now, I’m not supporting these heartless murderers…at all. Im simply saying that you all need to stop this madness. From reading these harsh, crazy posts, there’s no wonder why this world is as terrible and dangerous as it is now. SO, please if you feel as if you’re ready to do harm to others or have the sick yearning that someone does this (dismemberment of the body, rape, death for being you) to you, seek help…seek God. It’s sad how someone has to do something as hurtful as this to get attention and to be noticed. As a women of God, as a women of the state of Wisconsin, and as a human being, I am highly disgusted in the creator of this website and its supporters and disappointed in our world.

  29. gaydude Says:

    OMFG he is so totally hott…..
    i would totally let him asult my ass with his rod….
    i love dick and im horney so pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeee

  30. Genesis Herrada Says:

    I kind of wish I hadnt googled him now =(

  31. Dahmer Says:

    Dahmer is a fucking god

    • lady_pyra_jayne Says:

      God would never kill innocent people (men OR women alike), cut them into parts, and store their heads in a freezer and eat their hearts. I am sorry but you are wrong there.

      • ... Says:

        Lady he was just saving them for later, Jesus. Also, did you know dismembered, scooped out heads make GREAT ice cream dishes? Especially when you buy strawberry, the leftover blood adds a little color AND flavor! :] Also, the aorta backed with the ulna makes a somewhat decent spoon incase you’re ever out of silverware.

        Happy trails!

    • lady_pyra_jayne Says:

      God would never kill innocent people (men AND women alike), dice them into blocks, store their heads in a freezer and eat their hearts. I’m sorry but you are wrong on this one. If Jeffrey Dahmer was anything, he definitly was NOT a God.

  32. _Xxgloriagoreee. Says:

    you faggots. dahmer was a fucking sick asshole. you dick up the ass loving faggots that praise this cunthead hsould fucking rot in hell you sickos. you disgust me. and thats coming from a fucking 14 year old girl. cunts.

    • ... Says:

      Hey thats cool im a 16 year old girl! :] I’m going to be a serial killer when i grow up. HEHEHEMOTHERFUCKINGHEEE. :] Have fun in high school! :]

      It fucking sucks… Oh, unless of course you skip class to “get dick up the ass” in the bathroom.
      Also, you spelled “should” wrong, you HAVE a cunt, not these “faggots” that you so rudely speak of, and more importantly-ANYONE CAN GET IT UP THE ASS. You’re an unintelligent little cunt, you fucking cunt. :]

      But really, have FUN in high school. You sound like you have a lot of pent up anger…its kind of worrying me. Especially since you included “gore” in your name, as well as your name. Not too bright. Afterall, the anger is how it allllll begins. ;]

  33. D.Dubs Says:

    I totally get where you’re coming from, dearest author. Love it.

  34. wAkaUKmaK Says:

    Omg…he fucken ATE people!!!
    really weird HOMO dude.

    and for all those sick-os out there that worship this fucked up dude…KARMA!

    its coming for you!

  35. Will Says:

    He may have been completely deranged and sickly perverted, but he was still a helluva lot hotter than john wayne gacy. I’m not saying I’d screw either one, but lets call a spade a spade. And not all queers like little boys and dead bodies and eating people meat.

    • ... Says:

      “Sickly perverted” is a bit redundant don’t you think? If you have a good point it is unnecessary to be verbose in order to convince the unintelligent who are unaware at risk of shying off the respect of those who realize. If you do not have a strong point, but one in need of redundancy, stop speaking.

      • Jess Says:

        Congratulations on being the only obviously intelligent being on this entire website, and giving these people a piece of your mind. :]
        If you’re a straight man,
        I would so marry you.
        Live on.

  36. Ima_Prick_Girl Says:

    I’m actually doing a zombie portrait of him soon. He’s a fuk’n crazy bastard for what he did, but it is an interesting art.


    Oh my God, can’t you idiots see that he is using sarcasm? Geez, your desire for the creator of this website to “die” and “rot in hell” are just as bad as Dahmer. It is sarcasm, idiots.

  38. Aaron the man bitch!!! Says:

    you are a stupid fucking whore whoever posted this. lets see if when this fucked up guy did that to you if you would be putting this shit onnline. i hope whoever posted this shit dies and burns in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if you are joking you stupid dumb bitch!!!!!!!

  39. lulz Says:

    first you try to fuck it, then you try to eat it

  40. lulz Says:

    extreme reactions, call me 🙂

  41. IfiDidit Says:

    you sound like a nice person. we should go drink at the cubby hole!

  42. Alex Says:

    Wow…some of you are so sick and disgusting.

  43. Alix Says:

    Wow, people are so disgustiing. It is not big and not clever to have a hero that kills, rapes and dismembers innocent people! Wether it is a statment you say in jest or for real……fucking grow up.

  44. Calo Says:

    I can’t say he didn’t have an attractive appearance in the court room pic, but I also can’t say he was a good person. He was a murderer! Not a saint! He didn’t help anybody he hurt them. But fortunately, he got his as beat in prison and died. Burn in hell dahmer.

    • ... Says:

      Why would you wish others burning in hell? How does hoping for the suffering of others not make you as bad as him and deserving of the same that you wish for him?

  45. violet gabrielle Says:

    jeffrey dahmer is a serial killer but shit he is hot, also he’s a cult classical through teens and the deranged he also looks like dexter morgan

  46. vulture of culture Says:

    i think that whoever put this website up should stop. whoever you are you have a sick mind. this is twisted i have never believed that someone could be this insensitive to the victims of jeffrey dahmer he was a horrible atrocity of man and this only makes his memory live on and NO ONE wants to hear about dahmer and his crimes against humanity.

    • ... Says:

      If we forgot all of our ill history, how would we learn fro those mistakes? There is a way to let this respectfully be remembered and learned from.

  47. Tom Pusslicker Says:

    Fukcin sicc punk muthaphukkka. I would kik ur ass if I had the chance punk bitch.

  48. sick twisted phycho Says:

    this guy is my idol i wanna be just like him, i whack off to this pic

  49. i like dahm dahm Says:

    Come on guys, lil Dahmie doesnt deserve so much hate. The asian guy had it comin’.

  50. Monica Says:

    i will admit Jeffrey’s story is something you don’t come across everyday and it is fascinating to study about. yea he was good looking but he was fucked up in the head. how do you think Ted Bundy was able to be a successful murderer? his looks and charm and thats how Jeffrey became successful with his work as well. just watch what you’re saying…

  51. OMFG Says:

    How can any person in the world say be a fan or say anything nice about this guy. If you go around killing, raping, cannibalizing…..i don’t care “How good he/she looks” death penalty for him/her. You people who think this was a good guy your fucking insane!

    • lady_pyra_jayne Says:

      but look at this point of view, if the world just went and killed every murderer out there, they’d be getting the easy way out, instead of having to spend the rest of their life having to think about what they did everyday until it drove them more insane than they already were. i dont believe in the death penalty for this reason. no easy way out i say!

      • ... Says:

        Ok so I am curious about the beliefs of you both. OMFG, you say that killing others corrects for previous deaths? And Lady p. j. you’re saying that people should suffer for every mistake that they make? I understand the point of view that the more consequences we put in place, the less likely people are to commit crimes, but it sounds like you’re more focused on those that have already committed the crime.

  52. Holden Caulfield(>")> Says:

    Dahmer was a sick serial killer in both ways meaning mentally fucked up in the head, n totally sweet. His ways of killing were also both totally brutal, mind blowing, and revolting as well as homosexual in so many ways. See it as this Dahmer was clinically an alcoholic by the time he graduated, that’s what happens when you let consumption take over. not all alcoholics are bad though, Jackson Pollack was a very achieved artist n he was n alcoholic. fuck yo dahmer was a nut but thats badass

  53. god Says:

    you’re all a bunch of fucking weirdos!! go burn in hell, cunts


  54. finellaRr Says:

    I Think its sick taht you all fink he’s hot as he is not, he was a necrophiliac pedo cannibal, but he is very interesting, i think all serial killers should br remebered but not honoured !!

  55. hannah Says:

    jeffrey dahmer is my favorite serial killer
    not because of the stuff he did
    but because he’s so interesting to learn about

    • jake Says:

      yeh he should be taught in highschool like every day til like the teacher can take no more of the guilty pleasure and self combusts with orgasmic ecstasy!!!!!!! 😀

  56. Darian English Says:

    I Had sex with dahmer it was weird he anally violated me i ran after that and he started chasing after me i live in a small town named clearfield its in pa

    • lady_pyra_jayne Says:

      you’re a sick fuck even thinking this shit up. there is no way dahmer did that shit to you. cuz if he had, one, you’d be dead right now, and two you wouldn’t have said you had sex with him, you would have said he raped you or whatever. technically it was willing. get a life!

    • jake Says:

      wow that is awsum darian, respect

  57. franko Says:

    YOURS SUCKS!!! dahamer is a master!!

  58. Micheal Says:

    I can’t believe all of this. This is so wrong in many ways. All the name calling and people thinking they’re better than the other. I’m sorry for all of you. Why do you wish something so ugly on yourselves. You all want sex so bad that you say things you don’t even know about. All these names “homo” “faggets” and all that. Stop saying it. It hurts the man who created is to hear them. So what of they think this guy is cute. He is. I know he murdered people but that doesn’t mean the lord loves him any less. But the way you all talk about this. You all wanna be killed by him just for a on night stand. Stop it. Youre just making yourselves look stupid and sound nasty. Stop saying that you’ll do this to one another because we all you wouldn’t do a thing. Let people talk what they want because God hears it all and he NEVER EVER forgets.

  59. Carnie Says:

    All of you guys who say this guy was a god or whatever, your fucking sick. Even if you are joking. This guy separated family members and killed innocent people. what if he had killed your mom or dad or brother or sister or someone close to you? yeah, its not fucking funny, and its not something you fucking joke with. your a bunch of ass holes and whoever made this web site, your a creep and you need to get a damn life.

  60. Hana Says:

    I’m not gonna lie. Jeffery was a good looking guy, it’s just unfortunate that he did what he did. His looks were good but his acts were not.

  61. madzia Says:

    to tak , nie wiem czy to miało być śmieszne , ale z pewnością NIE BYŁO.
    żałosne !
    żal mi ciebie człowieku , o tym “czymś” nie powinnysmy nawet gadać.
    you’re sick.

  62. jkodsbhg Says:

    he wasn’t good looking guy , he was sooo ugly .
    yyy , i think he was a monster , you know?

  63. irejgjrigjeirj Says:

    wow….i cant believe such people exist..yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion but thats just depressing..Dahmer kiilled innocent men..just so he could fuck em without ppl finding out he was gay himself..he was a nasty sick minded person..if u find that sexy..kill yourself and be with him in hell if u want.the world is bad enough..losing a few physcopaths wouldnt hurt..but ill jus pray 4 u..thats all that can b done..i dont wish anything ill to happen 2 u..just hopefully youll understand and try 2 put yourself in the shoes of the people whos loved ones were taken away so soon..and for what..bcuz sum man wanted 2 fuck them in the ass a few times..i hope GOD has mercy on you

  64. 666 Says:

    Hell Yeah

  65. harry Says:

    I am not going to take either side of this argument but I will say that it’s ashame he’s dead and please do not take this the wrong way but think about what we could learn from him. I also think we should look at his up bringing. think he left dead animal carcasses under the front porch of his house. this is a sure cry for help, if the parents had tried to get him help instead of trying to cover it up maybe this atrocity may not have happened at all. There is always more to an issue than is released. I also feel that the fathers book was written from the fathers point of view and there are always two sides to every issue. I just think there could have been a lot more learned from this atrocity.

  66. Kellene Says:

    He was good lookin’

    • jake Says:

      i want him to fuck me shirtless in a ghostface mask then chase me kill me then fuck me sum more yeeeeaaah

  67. Ted Dahmer Says:

    i dont know about jeffrey dahmer. But I actually think Ted Bundy was kinda handsome. Not as creative, but he had a great personality. But too each his own. Personally, i dont want to kill anybody ever again. It’s something you pretty much just kinda dip your toes into. I just hate the cleaning up part of it. I can barely keep up with my own hygiene, hhahahh, you know!?!

  68. WhiteRabbit Says:

    What the fuck are you bible mindfucked and pseudo + double moral “i don’t know what this fucking world is” – assholes talking?!?!?!
    How disgusting MANY human beings did the church and RELIGION (hell yes your in icons documented god and his answers to everything that you or we’ll never understand) killed and massacred in the whole fucking milenium that we are enjoying with partys where you’re “godfathers” are fucking little black children in the ass?!?! You all are so fucking blinded by this allready sticking at you dna Bullshit that I’m really glad of some murderer clean you up! Nevermind if I, or you or them are sick, you just love it point with the finger on this ones who could make you think a little bit stronger and intensive in this complete fake world! Wankas, really, nanominded transparent people!

  69. YANKEES Says:

    Dude you have problems. Go to hell Jeffery D. you suck eggs J.D. same for M.Jackson!!!!!!

  70. Courtt Says:

    wtf? are you fucking kidding me, what happened if he had killed someone you loved or knew, he wouldn’t be sexy then, he was a fucking crazy ass hippie, who thought it would be fun, to rape, torture, and kill innocent people.
    he picked young boys, who didnt know better at the time, that he was crazy, and you are going to hell for even thinking that he was some great icon! your FUCKING SICK, and maybe when you die, you’ll rot in hell, and you might even get to meet the sick fuck. this website, is the most moronic thing i have ever seen, you people, who think he was great, you all are fucking disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourselfs, and the reason why they couldnt catch him, was there was no dna testing, his victims were random, so he would never be connected with, he wasnt a great killer, he was sick fuck like you, who just got away because we werent advanced yet, you fucking dumbass. i hope you fucking rot in hell!

  71. Dirka Says:

    You are a fucking moron.

  72. samantha wilson Says:

    all you people who think Jeffery dauhmer is cool all you guys are going to go to hell dont you know !!!!!!!!!

  73. FreeThinker Says:

    I was wondering something, if you guys are so offended by this why click on the link? Why further more scroll down, read the text and look at the pictures? At the end of the day it was all about curiousity!

    I don’t condole what he did but seriously there is sicker sites out there on the web. If you come across something you KNOW will upset you then WHY CLICK ON IT?

    Lastly if someone finds him attractive it wasn’t based on what he did but rather his physical appearance. FYI, himself and Ted Bundy are high on the list of most attractive serial killers.

    Just a thought …

  74. toxi Says:

    i think that serial killers r hot tooo
    and very sexy

  75. WOW Says:

    Your joking you pervs Dahlmer had sex with dead bodies and ate them! You SICK bastards who love this guy lets say your dad was a victim? what would you think now? So all you sick pervs your disgusting.



    This bastard is the sickest motherfucker I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen those gory ass horror movies, but this dickhead took it too far. I wouldn’t have just beaten him to death, I would have set the son of a bitch on fire. See how the sick bastard handles that.
    Who does shit like that??? Not only was this shitter gay, he did the fucking most disgusting things, I wish someone had hung him by his fucking ballsack and tortured him. Do you see this fucking picture? WHAT THE FUCK? HE PICKED GAY MEN UP FROM BARS, RAPED THEM, KILLED THEM, ATE THEM, TOOK THEIR BODY PARTS AND PUT THEM IN HIS FIRDGE, AND TRIED TO MAKE THEM ZOMBIES!!! I swear to God, I hope this fucker rots in hell forever.
    They should have REWARDED the guy who beat him to death in prison. Who I really feel sorry for in this situation is dahmer’s parents. The first fucking hint of knowing that my son did the things that this fucking demented freak did, I would have blown my own fucking brains out and took him with me on the spot.
    One million curses on Dahmer

  77. Bigger Jim Says:

    Yall niggas is gay

    • jake Says:

      when a guy says that he means plz ass fuck me d let me suk ur dick but in secret yeh, when ur mom n dad go the grocery store. ok, come over thursday night bigger jim or maybe not so bigger jim lol

  78. kc Says:

    you guys are sick i dont know what kind of person would admire what jeffery did, the people he lured in were under the influence of alchohol laced with powerfull drugs ment to make a person incoherent and inreachable. he knew exactly what he was doing im im glad that christopher scarver killed him the sick fuck got exactly what was coming to him, thats what i call karma he killed all those african americans and look who killed him and with a barbell from a weight set too crushed his skull good, now thats what i like to see, a sick fuck in scociety getting what he deserves, you guys are scum you should be ashamed of yourself for actually running this (so called) website this site is a joke, i cant believe you actually made it, you guys are loosers, good luck fitting in you fucking weirdos

    • jake Says:

      that why ya googled jeff dahmer sexy kc? 😉 don’t worry ur secret’s safe with us. we wont tell ur mom the wank stains on ur sheet the result of jeff blowing ur beautiful mind

  79. Joe Black Says:

    You’re all juvenile aren’t you?


    WAT THE HELL this website makes me sick. Im olny 18 and ive had a loved one get killed, had sex with, and ate in front of me. The sick bastards that think this shit is kewl or sexiii are FUCKING insane. The thing that I hate the most is I was only 8 years old and I still kant get the guy who did its face out of my head. He better hope I dnt get ahold of him because I will never kill any1 but I WILL KILL HIM I SWEAR IT IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO BUT I WILL MAKE SURE HIS DEATH IS SLOW AND PAINFUL all yall bitchs should die 4 thinking serial killers are sexiii

    • jake Says:

      huh whats with the hate, chill baby!!!!!!!!! aw gotta love jeff yeh, ok. peace out toxic gurl bitch, i’ll fuk u if it’ll make u feel better yeh, sounds like u need it baby, sound kinda angry n frustrated yeh, u need my sticky fingers in u 😉 x

  81. georgy worgey Says:

    omg he is so fuckin sexy. i want him all over me rubbin my thighs and callin me daddy while stabbin my eyes out wit a chopstik (like a boss). i want him and oj to desicrate my face wit ther fetus. then lick it off. o ya. let him skull fuck big bird and singin the theme song to walker texas ranger and watcch spongebob do cart wheels…………………..hold on got to clean the key board……………back…..o ya. let his cum rain down my taint. o ya! george bush and jeffy goin at it. o ya. woop woop ther it is. go Steelers!!!!


  82. bill clinton Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm desicration….

  83. V666 Says:

    Yeah I think he is sexy too! ^^
    Cute Jeffrey!

  84. georgy worgey Says:

    eat my desicration u hungry animal. mmmmmmmmmmmmm him and peewee herman. god he would make a great pornstar

  85. pathogirl Says:

    what the hell? im fasinated by serial killers and their minds, but saying they are sexy..thats a bit much…i mean, their looks are kind of veryyyyy unimportant considering what they’ve done and all….it should be a turn off…not a turn on…

  86. Stephanie Says:

    What the heck! These people are right, judging others isn’t right, but if your going to put up, nasty disgusting sites like this we have a right to speak our minds too! Who ever made this site is in a very bad place right now… This is not an appropriate site and should not be shown on the internet. I’m sick to my stomach about this whole subject.
    He killed 14 teenage boys
    He drilled holes in their heads while they were alive and poured acid into them to make them zombies
    He ate the dead
    and he made a big mess and had bodies all over the place and kept heads in the freezer! YOU THINK THIS IS ATTRACTIVE!
    NOOO! This is nasty. I pray for the families that had to suffer though the pain that Jeffery put them through and for the people that made this site.
    I dont even know how i stubbled upon this site and quite honestly I dont care! but I want it gone! This site is an Embarrassment to the world!
    God have mercy on all of you.

    • jake Says:

      hey stephanie praying aint guna help nobody. god (if he or she exists is just watchin us for entertainment), so go have sum fun instead n pretend the guy/ girl on top or under u or behind u is jeff.

  87. Shylight Says:

    Jeffrey Dahmer is so sexy, someone ask me why and I can’t answer. He was a sick fucker who killed people but there is still something about him that just makes me _WANT HIM_!!!! Gawd he’s so hot, I hate being a serial killer groupie, it makes you want people that shouldn’t be loved.
    Dahmer….*drool* I want him so badly

  88. georgy worgey Says:


  89. tanya Says:

    I’M SINCERELY DISGUSTED..he massacred and tortured a 14 years old boy…adorable, sexy ?? shame on you ! i’m gonna vomit..

  90. Cody Says:

    Christopher Scarver should be put in the electric shock chair for what he did to Dahmer.

  91. SweetSugar Says:

    I find Rose West extremely sexy. But then i dont think she was a murderer i think Fred did it after reading Brian Masters book, they proved that Charmaine was probably killed in the october, NOT june. And all of them had missing bones, which was a trait of Freds before he met Rose.

  92. Katie Says:

    Wow. You guys just probably want attention.
    He *could be the sexiest guy in the world (and hes not, hes ugly) but I still think hes a sick fuck and would never want anything to do with him. Not only you guys are shallow and perverted, you need to all get help.
    Wow, I wonder if you’d still want him after he kills you and rapes your dead corpse. Its NOT adorable at all to eat people.

  93. Take a look at yourselves Says:

    Jesus tells us to judge, but to do so righteously. Righteously means to use the Truth of the Word to discern sins and not by appearances only. In 1Cor. 6:2-3 Jesus authorizes us to judge. Judge we must else we could not discern good from bad, proper from improper, righteousness from evil. But judge behavior, not the individual; the deed not the doer; the choice not the chooser. The individual/doer/chooser is accountable for his/her deed/choice, but judge the deed/choice in your judgment. Jesus could see a king in a shepherd boy. And an Apostle in a murderer. So while we must judge one’s behavior we must we try to nurture the goodness in an individual: to separate the deed from the doer.

    So by judging them aren’t you just as bad as them for judging…?

    • jake Says:

      dunno bout that but i’d fuck jesus if he looks as fit as fuck as he does in the pictures on the cross yeh

  94. amanda Says:

    I HATE how fine he is.

  95. cari Says:

    erm, you are VERY SADLY MISTAKING MY DEAR!!! Jeff did NOT KILL 14 TEENAGERS. he killed a total of 17 people, only TWO OF THEM were in their teens, all the rest were grown adults, close to Jeffs own age.

  96. red tube xxx Says:

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    […]Serial Killers Are Sexy – Mr. Jeffrey Dahmer « Me Fuck Me![…]…

  97. cum Says:

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  98. Kimbers Says:

    Loooooooove jeffrey dahmer!!

  99. jake Says:

    hot as fuck

  100. jake Says:

    i was staring at jeff’s courtroom pic and i shot my load way over my head and on some photos on my wall!!!! that is the awsum power of jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 he wanted to kill the ppl in my photos and so he made me drown them in cum lol epic

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